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Bio-Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy

Pastor Troy A. Evans (known as PE) was born and raised in inner city Grand Rapids, Michigan. By age 13, he had dropped out of school and begun his downward spiral. At age 16, he became a father and got involved in local gang activity. He quickly became a leader in the gang.

In 1989, PE was indicted and served time in jail after being busted in a drug sting. After his release, the violence and drug life escalated. PE escaped countless life threatening events from rival gangs until those close to him pleaded with him to leave the city to save his life. But his pride made him stay. As a result, three of his brothers and several close friends and subordinates were shot and/or stabbed. He soon received word that a hit had been placed on his life. Finally PE and two of his closest "soldiers" fled from Grand Rapids to Atlanta.

Soon PE was traveling the country as personal bodyguard for an East Coast hustler. Just months later, PE found himself living in the back of a U-Haul truck in North Carolina. He needed to escape, so after years of separation and very little communication, he contacted his mother who sent money so he could return to Grand Rapids.

Upon his arrival, PE contacted the ranking gang officer to let him know he wasn’t interested in "bangin" any longer. He received an honorable discharge contingent upon him relocating. Soon after he moved to Detroit and found the refuge he was searching for: Jesus Christ. In 1996, he gave his life to the Lord and then married his wife, LaDawn. He is now father of four children and one grandson.

While living in Detroit, PE served as Associate Minister of Rose of Sharon Church of God in Christ as well as a systems engineer for some of Detroit's leading companies, as well as started a successful IT company. After serving in Detroit, the family moved back to Grand Rapids to plant a church (Christ Like Outreach Ministries). For nine years this ministry was dedicated to reaching out to the community and raising up young leaders to be soldiers for the Kingdom of God. After closing the ministry, PE cried for the young people involved in gangs and criminal activity.

PE started Strategic Outreach Services to educate organizations, churches, and law enforcement on how to reach at-risk youth. Shortly after starting S.O.S., PE and his wife answered the call and launched The EDGE Urban Fellowship. The EDGE’s mission is to relevantly reach the hip-hop church for Christ. PE travels the country proclaiming peace for our youth and young adults. He was featured on the ABC Family (700 Club) special “Gangs in Small Cities in America.” Pastor Troy's first book, “The Edge of Redemption,” will be released by Wesleyan Publishing in October 2011.


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